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Nothing like delicious, homemade meals…

Recently I’ve had the unbelievable good fortune to have access to all kinds of luscious, home-grown veggies and herbs. My boyfriend is a budding small-scale farmer and his hard work in the blistering heat has lately provided us with bountiful piles of fresh squash, onions, radishes, and will soon provide many more varieties.  His mother is a Master Gardener with <alas!> too many organically-grown eggplant, carrots, tomatoes, and many other goodies to eat, so she shares with us.  So Lucky!

I’ve been making my own sauces, dips, dressings, nut milks and butters, and other staples for the kitchen for a few years now, but I have so much more on hand to work with lately!  I’m going to post some of my delicious concoctions to inspire others to cook and prepare healthy, organically-grown, and fresh-from-the-garden dishes.  I get so much pleasure from the fact that this sustenance came from my own two little hands – no grocery stores involved!

a large jar of homemade salsa!

a large jar of homemade salsa!

I took 5 medium-sized tomatoes,

a fistful of fresh cilantro,

two home-pickled jalapenos bought at a local farmer’s market and pickled several months ago (super spicy),

juice from an entire lime,

several green onions – tops and bottoms,

4 cloves of garlic – raw,

highly-mineralized raw, unbleached salt,

ground pepper,

and made almost enough salsa to last a few days….


We eat a lot of super-spicy Mexican food around this place, and chips & salsa are pretty much foundational.

It is just so easy to do it yourself  🙂


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